Inherit the Kingdom of God - Part I and II

Posted in: 2008
In the writing of essays, there is a standard style of writing which is referred to as “The Straight Line of Development,” and it is this: “Tell the readers what you are going to tell them; then, tell them; then, tell them what you told them.” Over the years, I have advised others to follow this simple principle.  I haven’t always followed these precepts as I should have, but having said that, it leads me to say this: I am going to tell you what I am going to tell you.

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Posted in: 2008
What triggered this thought was an article I read on “WorldNetDaily.Com” yesterday, “Protestant Pastor’s Bible Preferences.”

Ellison Research surveyed 700 Protestant Senior Pastors in America to determine which translation of the Bible was preferred. 31% preferred the NIV translation. 23% selected the King James. 14% chose the NRSV. 13% liked the NKJV, and 10% favored the ASV.

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He Appeared in Another Form

Posted in: 2008
Two millenniums ago, Jesus Christ showed up in Palestine, and He was in “the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men” (Phil. 2:7). During His earthly life, He appeared as an ordinary man. He looked like a servant. He didn’t have the trappings of a dignitary, or an aristocrat, but His “form” would change from time-to-time as we shall see.

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In Israel, it was found that a great deal of emphasis was placed upon that which one generation passed on to the other; that is, what father passed on to son. It was found in Israel, at the time of Christ, that layer-upon-layer of tradition had been superimposed over the Word of God. These traditions were the opinions, the doctrines, the practices, the rites, and the customs that were handed down from one generation, in Israel, to the next. As a matter of fact, the word, tradition, means the handing-down, or transmitting of any opinions, or practices from forefathers to descendants without written memorials.

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The Bible, Governors and Governments

Posted in: 2008
For the last fifty years, or so, there has been a continual drumbeat, orchestrated by the liberal-atheistic left, that there must be “a wall of separation of church and state.” The Bible, we have been told, is a book about religion, and religion and politics are not to be mixed. For years, the Christians have bought into this idea. We’ve been conditioned to believe, “The Bible is about spiritual and religious matters, not about political matters.”

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