The Exaltation And The Compelling Force

Posted in: 2006

In the Gospel of John, the Holy Spirit inspired John to use the Greek word, “hupsoo.” He used the word five times. Each occurrence, it was translated “lifted up.” The other instances in which it is used in the NT, it is translated; “exalt,” “exalted,” and “exalteth.” This is very significant. There were six other words in the Greek language which could have been used by John to indicate; “to lift up.”

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Pentecost Was Not A Secret

Posted in: 2006
In order to understand what part Pentecost played in the purposes of God, it is essential that the student have an understanding of what it was.
Pentecost was a Jewish Feast Day. In the Old Testament, it was called the Feast of Weeks        (Ex. 34:22, Deut. 16:10) because it was observed seven weeks after the offering of the barley-sheaf during the Passover season (Lev. 23:15).

Pentecost was observed on the fiftieth day, or seven weeks, following the Paschal (Passover) Feast. Therefore, it was the Feast of Weeks.

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The New Nation of Israel

Posted in: 2006
In the wilderness of Judaea, John, the son of a Levitical priest and first cousin of Jesus of Nazareth, suddenly appeared on the scene and began preaching and baptizing as he called for Israel to repent. John the Baptist astonished his hearers when he announced that the long expected and hoped-for Kingdom was “at hand” in the person of Jesus (Matt 3:2). Those who believed the Old Testament were expecting Elijah to be “the voice crying in the wilderness” as prophesied by Isaiah 40 and Malachi 3. However, as it turned out, it was John the Baptist at the time.

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Paul's Last Words

Posted in: 2006
The last words of great and wise men should certainly be heeded. The wisdom of the aged should be listened to, passed on to future generations, and acted upon. The shame is that most men are not inclined to pay attention to the counsels of elder statesmen or men of God.

We could mention the farewell advice given Americans by George Washington, this country’s first President, when he warned; “Beware of foreign entanglements.”

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Good Soldiers of Jesus Christ

Posted in: 2006
At what point in a Bible teacher’s vocation does he cease being a Bible student? Is it upon graduation from Seminary or Bible College? Or, is it when he has mastered the acceptable and approved doctrines of his denomination or fellowship? Or, is it when a sect ordains him as one of their “ministers?” Or, is it when he becomes self-ordained?

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