Know the enemy - Part 3

Posted in: 2017
I joined the John Birch Society in 1961. It coincided with my interest in learning Bible Truths. The John Birch Society gave rise to a lot of its members becoming Christians. There was a lot of Christian literature being passed around among its members. In fact, it was so prevalent that the Leadership of the Consevative  movement recognized that many of its members had become “neutralized” on the political front because of their interest in Bible Study. I confess I was one of those who became neutralized. I had joined Dr. Henry Grube’s Greystone Bible Church in Mobile, Alabama. I began to manifest more interest in “soul winning” than in the political agenda.

Know the enemy - Part 2

Posted in: 2017
The Prisoner of the Lord Jesus Christ was inspired to record for our learning this title of Satan. In Dr. Bullinger’s “Lexicon and Concordance” he gives the definition of the word “prince,” as “one first in power, authority, or dominion; hence a ruler, lord, prince, chief person.” Therefore, Satan is the ruler or authority of the domain of the “air.”

Know the enemy - Part 1

Posted in: 2017
Several hundred years before the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, there was a famous Chinese warrior; he was also an accomplished philosopher. His name was Sun Tzu. He wrote what became a famous treatise on warfare. In his treatise, he wrote extensively that it was imperative to—KNOW THY ENEMY.
He was an outstanding General of the Chinese Army in his day. According to the General, in order to wage successful warfare, one must “know thy enemy.” This concept that Sun Tzu promoted - knowing your enemy – turns out to be a Biblical Principle. The Apostle Paul, centuries later, wrote that Christians must be spiritually mindful of the warfare being waged against them and the warfare against the Christian Faith’s influence on the present civilization in the Western World.