A Study on Right Division Chapter 4

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Continuing looking at Rule Number 2; “Truth that belongs to a past dispensation must not be read into or interpreted of the Present;” such as,

(d). The Different Gospels
 ─ Since there is much confusion today between the “Kingdom” and the “Church” there is a natural outgrowth ─ the confusion between the various “gospels.” 

A Study on Right Division Chapter 3

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In the last chapter, we considered the fact that TRUTH THAT BELONGS ONE PART OF A PAST DISPENSATION MUST NOT BE READ INTO ANOTHER PART OF THE PAST. Chapter Three will continue with the second great principle in Bible study as we follow the command to RIGHTLY DIVIDE the Word of Truth.


A Study on Right Division Chapter 2

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We acknowledge the great labors of Dr. E. W. Bullinger in his book, “How To Enjoy The Bible.” To a great extent, we will follow his outline in these essays on RIGHT DIVISION. He devoted about seventy-five pages to the development of THE ONE GREAT REQUIREMENT OF THE WORD “RIGHTLY DIVIDING” IT. This writer does not agree with of all the conclusions of the Doctor, but his labors have been entered into, and we thank the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ for those earthen vessels, such as Dr. Bullinger, who have gone on before and left us tools with which to work.

A Study on Right Division Chapter 1

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“Hear, O heavens, and give ear, O earth: For the LORD hath spoken ...” (Isaiah 1:2) 

The most significant phenomenon the world has ever known is the fact that God HATH SPOKEN. The invisible God, Whom no man “hath seen, nor can see” (1 Timothy 6:16), has spoken. In times past, God spoke in divers manners and at sundry times (Hebrews 1:1). Much of what God has spoken, He, by the Holy Spirit, has caused to be put in writing. The Writings are the Holy Scriptures—the Bible. 

If we are to understand what He has spoken through the Scriptures, we must be prepared to recognize that they are “the Word of Truth.” Since they are “the Word of Truth,” the Divine manner for handling “the Word of Truth” is to “Rightly Divide” It (2 Timothy 2:15). Thus, we need to distinguish the people To Whom God Spoke, such as: 

1. The Jew
2. The Gentile
3. The Church of God (Acts 2 to Acts 28)
4. The Church over which Christ is The Head