Absent From The Body

Posted in: 2007
Bible Mountaineers should prayerfully consider 2 Corinthians 5:1-9. If we were to do so, it would be realized that trying to defend the “Sudden Death, Instant Glory” belief is like trying to stand on a “two-legged stool.” The “two-legged-stool” is the belief that the Bible teaches “absent from the body, is present with the Lord.” The vast majority of church-going-Christians believe this, as if it were the “Gospel-Truth,” which it is not! In fact, this was the “New Theology” dreamed up by Satan in the Garden of Eden. He sold the idea to our original parents—Adam and Eve (Gen. 3:3-5). As a result of their unbelief, sin entered into the world and because of sin, death made its entrance and passed upon all mankind (Rom. 5:12). However, God has provided a way to escape from the state of death. It is by means of resurrection—“the gates of hell [the grave] shall not prevail” (Matt. 16:18). 

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Believe Only God And His Truth

Posted in: 2007
The lamentable truth is that those who profess to be Christians have chosen to believe what some man says, or teaches. Their theology is based upon the creed of their church, or based upon hymns, or their pastors, or teachers. Do they really know, for sure, that the creeds, or church doctrines, or statements of faith are trustworthy? When one places his confidence in the flesh, he is, in reality, staking his eternal future on the fallibility of men.

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Prophecy: Past Or Present Tense?

Posted in: 2007
We find in the Bible that a great deal of prophetic utterances are not written in the future tense, but rather, are written in the PAST, or PRESENT tense. This is why many prophecies are considered to have already taken place. This has resulted in error, confusion, and bewilderment. Hopefully, this composition will clear up any misunderstanding caused by the inappropriate uses of English grammar—to wit, using past and present tenses in our Bibles instead of the future tense. Our first consideration will be in:

“Young’s Literal Translation of the Holy Bible”

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Here Is My Servant

Posted in: 2007
Here, in Matthew 12, the Lord Jesus Christ quoted Isaiah 42:1-4. This passage suffers from tremendous inattention at the hands of Bible students and teachers. This neglect is most notable in the writings of Dispensationalists. The passage speaks volumes to those who “rightly divide.” However, many of them, evidently, don’t “have ears to hear.”

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A Truth We Will Not Ignore

Posted in: 2007
Some Bible truths are overlooked. Some are by-passed. Some Bible truths are unheeded. In many instances, this is the result of being unable to recognize the importance which the truth might play in God’s overall purposes. This is understandable and pardonable. However, when a Truth is made known in the Old Testament and, then, is repeated in the New Testament, it is altogether another matter. Especially, if the LORD (Yahweh) said it in the Old Testament; then, Jesus (Yahweh) repeated it in the New Testament. To overlook such an important passage is inexcusable. Such a passage doesn’t go unnoticed—it goes ignored!

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