The Only Begotten Son Of God

Posted in: 2004
This past week, December 8, 2004, Dr. Anthony Flew, the 81 year old English professor of philosophy, announced that he now believes that the creation was the result of Intelligent Design. He had been a leading advocate for atheism for 50 years. He concluded that the science of DNA has proved to him that God was, indeed, the Author of creation. This announcement brought the wrath of the scientific community down on him.

As his defense, he said he always followed Plato’s Socrates axiom; “Follow the evidence wherever it leads.”

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Church Of God vs. Church Of The Mystery

Posted in: 2004
The more one becomes familiar with the Dispensation of the Grace of God (Eph. 3:2), the more he has impressed upon his mind the fact that there is no distinction between the Jew and the Gentile in the Ecclesia over which Christ Jesus is the Head. However, since the Jew has passed off the scene and is no longer a factor in world Christendom as he was in the first century, this fact just doesn’t seem to register with folks today..

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Expectation Of The Acts Believers

Posted in: 2004
Years ago, before there were plastic pacifiers for babies; Southern parents would place a tablespoon of sugar in a soft piece of cloth. Then, a knot was tied in the cloth so that the sugar was at one end. When the baby cried, parents would place the sugar end of the cloth into the baby’s mouth. The baby would suck the end of the sugar-filled cloth and was very content sucking on it. Southerners called the home made pacifier a “sugar t_ _.” I’ll refrain from using the term and refer to it is as a “sugar pacifier.” It was “the old timers” way of providing a pacifier. When the “sugar pacifier” was removed, oh how the baby would cry!

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The Parable Of The Sower/Parable Of The Tares

Posted in: 2004
The Mysteries of the Kingdom of God have perplexed everyone who has not recognized that there will be a pre-millennial rule or reign of Jesus Christ.  Long before He returns for His one- thousand-year Parousia on the earth, He will assume sovereignty over the nations (Isaiah 42:1-4), and all mankind will be in submission to His rule. 

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The Word Of The Kingdom

Posted in: 2004
The dispensation which follows the Dispensation of God’s Grace will be a dispensation of Divine Government. Ever since He suspended His work with Israel, at the end of the Book of Acts, His present method of dealing is entirely by means of grace, and nothing, but grace, enters into his dealings with the world and His own. This limits the activities and works of Him at this present time, but it is a self-imposed limitation. It will result in a full demonstration of the graciousness of His character; a demonstration that will stand as a witness throughout the ages to come (Ephesians 2). While grace is all that the Lord is dispensing today, it is not all He can do, or will do. His resources are unlimited. In the coming dispensation, He will bring all of His resources to bear in His relationship and dealings with man.

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