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By Tom L. Ballinger
Oct 13, 2008 - 4:04:42 PM

October 5, 2008

Proverbs 29:2

Americans need to realize that over the last one-hundred years, or so, the "foul lines" of the American Ballpark, in which the "game" of governing is performed, have been widened to such an extent that very few foul balls are called. What had been deemed a foul ball, constitutionally, has now been ruled a fair ball, and it is in play. That which used to be deemed inequitable is now considered fair. That which used to be considered unethical is now viewed as respectable. That which used to be judged unprincipled is now regarded to be pragmatic. That which used to be declared wrong is now said to be right.

With the "ancient landmarks" of Constitutional Law, Laws of Nature, and Biblical Ethics removed from the political landscape, America is left to that which seems right unto man, but the end, thereof, is the way of the death of a nation.
The "foul lines" must be moved back to accommodate a legitimate "fair ball" and rule a ball, out-of-bounds, as a "foul ball." To do this, one must know the true rules of the game. In baseball, it is the Rule Book. In American government, it is the Constitution which is based upon Biblical ethics. Ignorance of the Constitution and Biblical ethics are engines which drive the political, financial, and unethical machines.

The Old Testament required that the people of Israel were to come together every seven years to hear the king read God's Law. Everyone was required to come and listen: the men, women, children, rulers and, even, the aliens within their midst (Deu.31:9-13). All of Israel was to have been thoroughly knowledgeable of their "constitution." By so doing, every citizen would know when the Law was violated, either by rulers, or citizens.

In this respect, notice the quote, "Absolute authority ruled from the Top down: God. Limited authority was delegated from God to rulers, but only by means of revealed, or fixed law. The rulers could not, legitimately, change the law, and a bottom-up system of monitoring the rulers was established by the public reading of the Law. The U.S. Constitution, as a written document which binds the State, itself, was a product of this Biblical approach to law" (by Gary North, in Larry Abraham's book, Call It Conspiracy, Page 247).

American citizens should, likewise, recognize that our government is a limited government. The Constitution should be known and read by all men, women, and children. Thomas Jefferson said, "In questions of power, then, let no more be said of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution." Opinion Polls continually ask the question, "Do you have confidence in the President, or Congress, or the government?" Our answer should be a resounding, "NO!" Why, do you ask? Because man is a sinful creature and easily corrupted; that is why Jefferson said, "bind him down from mischief with the chains of the Constitution."

Man can't be bound down with the Constitution if our citizens don't know the document. This majestic document must be taught in the schools; elementary, middle, high school, and colleges. It must, also, be stated that, to understand the document, one must understand the Biblical principles of ethics because the basis for the Constitution is founded upon the Word of God. In fact, Western civilization finds its foundations in the Bible. The Adversary and his minions have certainly wanted our foundations removed. He has accomplished a great deal in this regard as he appeals to man's intellect, pride, greed, and lust.

Psalm 11:2 3 states, "For, lo, the wicked bend their bow, they make ready their arrow upon the string, that they may privily shoot at the upright in heart. If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?" The righteous must know the Word, and the Constitution, and bind the "rascals down."

The desire of the world is good government. America's was good. The Founding Fathers laid out what was a good government. Certainly, this government, based upon the Constitution, was not divine, but it was just. This just government would last as long as men were bound to the Constitution.

Even though men place their hands on the Bible and vow to defend and uphold the Constitution, that vow has become as empty as a hollow log. The Oath of Office has become as binding as today’s Marriage Vow; it has become as tinkling symbols and sounding brass. Its foundations have been, and are being, destroyed. Men of recalcitrant minds have had over two-hundred years to figure out ways to "beat the system" and not be bound by the chains of the Constitution.

Many people have wondered, Why is so much cynicism expressed by the American people concerning the government? Why is there a distrust of the government? Why is there no respect for government leaders? Why have Americans said, “Throw the bums out?” Why do so few registered voters, vote? Why do the American people have no faith in its politicians? Why have so many Americans thrown up their hands in disgust? Why has the American dream turned into a nightmare? Why do Americans have the feeling of impotence and powerlessness?

The Divinely recorded answer is found in Proverbs 29:2; "When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn."

This tells us that citizens of a nation will actually rejoice if those in authority are virtuous. If the rulers demonstrate justice, virtue, and integrity, the people will rejoice and be thankful.

If the wicked, or corrupt, rule, the people will mourn and be disgusted.
When those in authority break their Oath of Office and betray the Constitution which they are to uphold and defend, they give the people cause to mourn.

If men have honor and power, and are wicked and deceitful, they make themselves contemptible and base before all of the people. The people will be miserable under such a government. And, such is the government we have, today.

We have reason to mourn. "... judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter"(Isa.59:14).

Judgments, in this sense, are ethical decisions which should flow forward like a river in its course, but it is turned away, backward. It is flowing contrary to its course. The administration of justice has become a cover for injustice. Truth has fallen in the street, and there she lies, only to be trampled on by the feet of political pride and arrogance. She has no friends in high places. Equity does not enter into the unrighteous decrees which the government orders.

Politicians are ever ready to do that which is smart, not that which is right. They take pride in misleading the public. They rely on the "short memory" of the public. They are the practitioners of knavery which they refer to as putting a "spin" on words and deeds. A profession has arisen around government officialdom called "Spin Doctors."

Why do the people mourn? Because, there are deceitful workers of iniquity in authority, subverting all that is truthful, honorable, and lustrous.

"If a ruler harken to lies, all his servants are wicked"(Prov.29:12). Matthew Henry has two Notes on this verse.

"1. It is a great sin in any, especially in rulers, to hearken to lies; for thereby they not only give a wrong judgment themselves of persons and things, according to the lies they give credit to, but they encourage others to give wrong information. Lies will be told to those that will hearken to them; but the receiver, in this case, is as bad as the thief.

"2. Those that do so will have all their servants wicked. All their servants will appear wicked, for they will have lies told of them; and they will be wicked, for they will tell lies to them. All that have their ear will fill their ear with slanders and false characters and representations; and so if princes, as well as people, will be deceived, they shall be deceived, and, instead of devolving the guilt of their own false judgments upon their servants that misinformed them, they must share in their servants' guilt, and on them will much of the blame lie for encouraging such misinformations and giving countenance and ear to them" (from Matthew Henry's Commentary).

John McMannus says, in so many words, in Financial Terrorism, Page 214, There is happily a plan to restore America. It is already written. It is the United States Constitution.

Despite intense efforts on the part of a variety of destroyers to change and scrap it, entirely, the Constitution still stands. Yes, it has been ignored. Yes, it has been circumvented. And, certainly, it has been contravened by the judiciary, tortured by the Congress, abused by educators, given lip-service by politicians, and discounted by the media.

But, the Constitution is still here. As Americans, we need to demand that it be obeyed. Only, by insisting that the chains of the Constitution bind and shackle our runaway government, can we expect to see our nation survive.

Good can triumph over evil. But, as long as we allow injustice, fraud, deceit, and untruth to reign in the Halls of Congress and the White House, State Legislatures, and the State Houses, and County and City Governments, truth, honor, and glory will find no abiding place.


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(This article is based on Chapter Seventeen of a book I wrote, “Why God Cannot Bless America.” After the abominable BAILOUT passed by Congress this past week it was thought that this article might be in order. Congress’ Approval Ratings, according to Rasmussen Polls, have ranged in the 12% to 15% all year. I dare say, after the socialization of the financial institutions, the Approval Rating for Congress will now be in the 5% range or less – “but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.”)

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