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Some more emails from friends

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By Tom L. Ballinger
Apr 7, 2008 - 7:23:49 PM

Dear Mountaineers, here are a few emails from friends, which might be a blessing to you. Tom Ballinger

1. Dear friend Tom,

I can't express how happy I am for you with the launching of your new website Tom. I often wondered why you didn't have a site of your own. It was wonderful that Darren posted some of your studies but this was a limiting factor. This truly was a work of brotherly love on the part of Murray and Nestor. How satisfying this must be to you to see the labor of so many years come to the fore. You are truly a blessed man Tom.

We pray that the Lord will use your new site in great and wonderful ways Tom. And we will be thinking of you and Gloria tomorrow as you go to the next step in your corrective surgery. May the Lord give you both peace and comfort tomorrow and the days following during your recovery Tom. May the Lord lengthen your days that He might continue to use you to proclaim His truth spanning from "times past", "things to come", and the "but now" period which we are so blessed to be a part of.

In His Love & to His Glory,

The following is from my Cowboy friend Downunder. We both grew up on western movies, Tom Mix, Hoot Gibson, Gene Autry, Gray Cooper (High Noon) and etc. We talk to each other, via email, as if we are riding the range together. Eating dinner from a tin plate, and drinking black coffee from a can, and singing “Git Along little Doggies” around the camp fire.

2. Tom, you will be off to hospital for a little nip and tuck. I'll keep an eye on your pony and see his well fed and watered. I'll give your saddle, bridle and reins a good rub down with lanolin so that it will be nice and soft when you are well enough to hit the trail.

I figure you won't be very comfortable in a saddle for some time mate. The dogs can stay with ours, your border collies seem to get along quite well with my blue-heeler and kelpie, so that won't be a problem.

Just see that you cast all your concerns on our Lord before you head into the operating theatre. Gloria and the boys will be in good hands. Y'all have been committed into His hands for safe keeping. Now see you don't get to terrorizing the nursing staff and pestering them to let you get home early than you should. The ranch will still be there when it's time to head home.

It was good news to learn you have established a web site for your teachings Tom and the strong support received from long established friends. I still remember Marilyn and Murry in prayer and their willingness to show hospitality on our way through KL en route to Penang. Wonderful friends to you Tom.

3. Brother Ballinger,
I had a chance to go to your new Web Site this morning and glance through it just a bit, reading some of the letters that have been written in and your replies to them. Also, looking at the pictures from the past, as well as the other pages that you have. I truly enjoyed this and I can see how this site is going to make for a really great study resource for so many people! I am so glad to see it on the Internet.
It would be great too if you could have a little section somewhere showing how one is saved in this present dispensation. I know that you deal with that in many of your writings. However, I was just thinking that if you had something really easy to find for the lost man or the lost woman that might just happen by your Web Site and wondering how to be saved. They could find it quickly by just clicking on one of the links on the side of your page.
I really love your opening remarks about "Bible Mountaineers" at the outset of your site. How very true those words are! You have a wonderful way of expressing your thoughts, Brother Ballinger, and driving them home. It is so unfortunate that we are seeing so many today who are so content to just stay where they are simply because it is so comfortable for them to remain there.
Also, I could not help but notice where you once had a 15 minute radio program and that there were many conferences held that you had preached at then. I am suspecting that some audio was recorded of you that you might still have. If so, do you have any recordings of you preaching and/or teaching in the past that you could share with me? I would love to hear you if you do!
Thank you so much for your time, my brother, and thank you very much for updating me on this very nicely done and very much needed Web Site!
Yours truly, in Christ!
4. Congratulations!!!!!!! This is a wonderful development. It is a great site and I know I will visit it often. I loved your statement and can't pick out one paragraph to highlight, as they are all superlative. In Christ,
5, Tom, I'm really pleased that you have followed through with my suggestion, and it is very heartening that several people have assisted you in this task. Maybe with your health issues, this has happened at a good time and for a good reason. That's not to say that you will not be around for some time to come to continue your wonderful writing, but we all know so well that our days are numbered and are never enough!
My prayers are with you for your upcoming surgery. It certainly will be a great "fix" if the doctor can accomplish it.

6. Thanks Mister B., Mister E. and Mister M.E..Finally a favorite web site.

7. Dear Mr. B.,

Continued prayers and love from yours truly.

Ps. Love the site.....thank you for your diligence

8. Tom, good morning!

We appreciated the update on your approaching surgery Mon 3.31 at noon.

You and Gloria are in my prayers and supplications with the giving of thanks
unto Him that is able to do abundantly above all that we ask or THINK!

SOOOooo yes! I'm looking for that "announcement" you mentioned!

It will be good news to learn that the "reversal" is a success and better to
learn that major healing has taken place! In the meantime, come Mon, I trust
that you will have picked a meaningful verse of scripture, put your
confidence in it and with a thankful heart drift off into sweet thoughts of
He who is able and awaken to the face of your beloved wife.

May the God of all peace comfort you both.

9. Dear Tom,
From Holland I’ll pray for you and the doctors. May Philippians 4: 5a-7 be your comfort! God bless,
10. Ok, we have to get going full on with the prayers again. You will be in God's Precious Care, the BEST there is. And, of course, there is our GLORIA's TLC. We love you both dearly.

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