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By Tom L. Ballinger
Sep 3, 2011 - 10:54:42 AM

Personal Emails we thought might be of interest. Be sure and read our message at the end of this memorandum.
A Bible Mountaineer Using FaceBook:
Hello Tom,
Hope all is well with you and your family. Just alittle up date on what is going on here, on facebook. So far a Kalibbala Samuel Henry, Ugandan evangelist, has been looking at your web page and likes, the info it gives. A Nichola Gibson, a believer from England has visited and also a Bruce Pangborn from Texas has shown interest. The Pentecostal men and women preachers about 10 of them, haven't said much. I purposely friended them, At least they haven't deleted me yet.
I ran across a universalist the other day and told him about your site. He said he would look at it, he lives in Tulsa, and I spoke to him on the phone.
Please pray that God's will will be done and the right people will see this truth . Also pray for me and my family as we do this for HIM.
Thanks Tom
God Bless
Comment on Plainer Words Web Site:
Dear Brother Tom,

You truly are a blessing to us.  Last night, My wife and I checked on your website about the 211 studies you made.  We read TO MAKE ALL MEN SEE.  It was an eye opener.  I often hear from my fellow Acts 28 believers here that Ephesians 3:9 is our great commission and I was taken aback after reading this lesson.  We checked The Scriptures and you were right.  We were flabbergasted.

Thank you for giving me the permission to download and print all your lessons.  I'm planning to make a compilation of all your lessons  and put it into one book.  I'll make extra copies to share with my fellow Acts 28 believers as well.  I'll be forever grateful to you for sharing me all your works.

Gratefully yours,

Regarding “The Monstrous Lie” I Teach. Yes, Indeed, Words of Encouragement
Mr Ballinger

I happened to 'surf' into your website document 'The Only Begotten Son' in which you go to extreme lengths in trying to explain away the plain meaning of the words "only begotten Son" (Psalm 2:7 John 3:16).  

You teach the monstrous "lie" (Revelation 21:14)  that 'It was at the resurrection of Jesus Christ that God declared the decree: “Thou art My Son, this day have I brought Thee forth.'

Also you "loveth and maketh a lie" (Revelation 21:14) that ' As pointed out, “sonship” was based upon investiture, not upon the begetting, or birth, of a male child'.  According to your lying logic "Gideon"  had  NOT, as it is written,  "threescore and ten sons of his body begotten"  (Judges 8:30 emphasis mine) but that, according to you their "“sonship” was based upon investiture, not upon the begetting".

Your lying deceiving Christian logic cannot take away from what is written that "My Son" (Psalm 2:7) was "begotten" (Hebrew: éÀìÄãÀúÌÄéêÈ Psalm 2:7.  John 3:16) and NOT 'based upon investiture.. or by any 'resurrection'  (Romans 1:4) as you and your master the false apostle 'Paul' lyingly teach.

P. G.
This is from one who“,,, from a child thou hast known the holy Scriptures”
Brother Ballinger,
My name is Beau Strickland. My family and I attended Berean Chapel. My father was Fred Strickland and my mother was Billie. I have all of my father and mothers bible study material and would like to be included in anything you post online. God Bless you.
My Reply to Beau’s Email:
Dear Beau,
What a joy it was to hear from you. I have added you to the Plainer Words Online mailing list. Our present studies have been directed at the Jewish New Testament economy - The Priesthood, The Sadducees, The Synagogue, and currently - The Pharisees (Parts 1 thru 7) the next issue will be Part 8.
Beau, your Dad was one of the best friends I ever had. My wife I cared a great deal for your Mother and Dad. If you have the time let me know when they fell asleep in Christ.
Mrs. Ballinger and I will turn 80 years old in a few months (she in September and me in December).
Sincerely in Christ,
Tom Ballinger
Beau’s Reply:
Brother Ballinger,
Thank you for the response. I have many fond memories of Berean Chapel. I am blessed to have had such a wonderful foundation.
Dad passed on January 25th, 1995. Mother passed on July 19th of this year. My mother and father often spoke fondly of you throughout their lives. I miss sharing and discussing scripture with them and I am grateful to have found you online. Please keep me in your prayers and I look forward to studying with you.
In His Love,


Regarding – The Pharisees – Part 6: Comment on “What a Friend the ‘sinners’ had in Jesus”
AMEN BROTHER!!! What a friend this sinner, __________, had in Jesus one day in the past and still has throughout eternity!!!

These articles are AWESOME. They have brought the gospels to life for ________ [my wife] and me.

Thanks so much, my Dear Brother. I have 2 brothers, one is [a blood brother], and the other is Thomas Logan Ballinger.

Great studies - I pray the Lord will continue to teach you and leave you here on this terra firma many more years to teach us that we may grow in the Knowledge of Him!!!!

Pray all is well. We are all good…

Love you dearly,
Response from “Pre-View of Next Issue” The Sage Comments from a Gold Miner – Miner of Scripture:
THANKS! The more you know, the more you are aware, that one must "pray and dig" for understanding of the time period and culture of the people scripture addresses as well as "rightly divide".
The only gold mine I have ever been exposed to and labored in is the scriptures; the others were as a tourist only. I fear to many are only "tourists" of the unspeakable gold mine of the LORD of Glory.
God's love and mine to you both.
A Personal Note on the 2nd Day of September 2011:
Dear Friends and Fellow Mountaineers;
I believe today will be the 68th straight day of triple digit temperatures in North Central Texas – Dallas, Fort Worth area. It seems that I was a young kid the last time I witnessed rain, when I dug “rivers” with my hands in the gravel street in front of our house at 1114 Newport Avenue in far South Dallas, Texas in 1939. Those were the good old days; digging (or scooping gravel) “rivers” with my hands on the side of the street as the rains came down. I’d make them bend and watch the rain water flow. I had small dry match boxes that I’d float on my “rivers” playing-like they were gun boats floating down the hand craved rivers.”(A favorite word for kids, in those days was “play-like.” Like,” Let’s playlike we’re River Boat Captains.” Never used the word “pretend.” It was a grown-up’s word. No, it was play-like). I didn’t mean to get off track and lurch into memories of things like that.
Our drought reminds me of Doug Sahm, who was a late Texas troubadour, who wrote a song during a Texas drought entitled – Lord Please Let It Rain In Texas. His prayer-song is certainly appropriate as far as this old Texan is concerned.
In our area we have forgotten what rain is. In its place we have had and are having hot winds, wild-grass fires and exploding fires of dense growing cedar trees. Thankfully, these are not in our immediate area. A forty-five minute drive north-west of D/FW is Possum King Lake which was formed from a dam on the Brazos River. This is the wild-fire area. Possum Kingdom is a large lake with exclusive lake-front properties. The fires have been burning for over a week.
We truly hope and pray that our Bibles studies this summer have not been as dry as our weather! Lord, Please let showings of blessing fall all of us! The Source of all blessings is from our Lord Jesus Christ, in Whom we love, having never seen.
You’re friend and fellow laborer in the Lord.