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By Tom L. Ballinger
May 7, 2008 - 11:13:46 AM


The following exchanges of emails were in response to the Reader’s comment and question concerning “Israel’s rejection of the Kingdom offer.” I wrote back asking him to clarify his question, here are the exchanges.

Reader’s Reply

I am sorry if I failed to make my question clear. Dispensationalists (Bullinger, Darby, Scofield,etc) claims that the Kingdom was prophesied in the Old Testament and offered during the earthly ministry of Christ. The problem was Israel rejected it; and crucified her king. As a result, God set aside Israel, and postponed the setting-up of the Kingdom. Instead, God called Paul, revealed the MYSTERY to Him and builds His Body the church.

As I read the Four Gospels and the Old Testament I dont see any clear indication that the PURPOSE of Christ FIRST coming was to offer the Kingdom to Israel and if accepted the Kingdom will be set up on earth.

Is this observation correct ?

Plainer Words Reply

Thanks so much, _________, for explaining your point of view as perhaps Darby, Scofield, and Bullinger adhered to. Many of “our persuasion” hold the same view as you do, i.e., Israel's rejecting the "offer" of the Kingdom and their King. I, too, at one time held that view. This brings up the question, "Where in the Bible does God offer the Kingdom to Israel?" For the life of me, I can find no place where the "offer" is made!!! You also stated ... "I dont see any clear indication that the PURPOSE of Christ FIRST coming was to offer the Kingdom to Israel and if accepted the Kingdom will be set up on earth."

You are correct, as far as I am concerned. Christ did not come to offer the Kingdom to Israel. If so, I’d ask, "If He did do so, where does the Bible say that He made the offer?" Chapter and verse, Please.

He never did offer the Kingdom!!! Israel couldn't reject something that was never offered!!!

The establishment of the Kingdom was never based upon Israel's willingness to receive it. Part of Christ’s work, during His earthly ministry, was that of calling out (or forming) a new nation - "the Israel of God" or as Paul, also, referred to the new nation as "the commonwealth of Israel." They (the commonwealth, or the Israel of God) would be the ones who will make up the Kingdom of Israel which the Apostles asked about in Acts 1:6, "...Lord wilt Thou at this time restore again the kingdom to Israel?"

Again, I really appreciate your clarification. This allows us to carry on an intelligent discourse.

Your friend in Christ,


Final Two Replies in the Correspondences:

Dear Tom,

I am very much encouraged by your answers to my questions! At this time, after reading a number of times the Four Gospels and Pauline Epistles, etc I am convinced that Christ came, born of a woman, to suffer and die for the sins of world so that man can be redeemned, reconciled, justified and glorified: in short: salvation is Christ’s mission earth! No, not the offering and setting up of the kingdom. So, there was no postponement of it as claimed by many dispensationalists.

You are right, the setting up of the kingdom does not DEPEND on Israel,s willingness to receive it nor on israel’s repentance. For, without the NEW COVENANT there will be no kingdom. Christ,s death confirms the new covenant. Also, there can be no REAL kingdom of God on earth without deliverance from sin: salvation!!

So, if Christ,s purpose in His coming was to go to the cross, then, His primary work is to fulfill EPH. 2:11-22, 2Cor. 5:18-21, Rom. 11. That is, to create the ONE NEW MAN composed of saved Jews and Gentiles. In short: it is to reveal and fulfill the SECRET and purpose of the Ages ( Eph.1:11 ).

Next year, God willing, we plan to hold a conference. The focus of study will be EPHESIANS 2:11-22. I wonder if you can visit us and speak on this occasion….

Signed __________

Our reply to his invitation was that “we would be unable to do so” due to our pending surgeries.

Reply to our Study on the “Day of Jesus Christ.”

Hey Tom,

Well it has been extremely interesting looking at prophecy with the added “age” that there is to see (the Pre-millennial Kingdom of God) … the one that comes AFTER this one and BEFORE the 1000 year reign. I have to tell you, as much new truth that I am starting to see now that I am reading the Gospels and Acts in addition to the various OT writings it seems to me that teaching the new position will be a monumental task on Paltalk due to the UNdoing that will have to be done to the people that come into the room. Wow. All of a sudden, all of the parables now FIT!

Our Comments:

It seems that the Lord always has one or two, out of most any group, who are receptive to Truth. Usually they are those who would seem to be the most likely to receive new Truth. They are usually quite, reserve, and offer no outward resistance. They are truly “Learners.” I have found that “Learners” quietly consider the facts, and reach their own conclusion without being contentious, or causing an up-roar in the process. Would to God there would be a Paltalk Room full of willing “Learners!” We are to preach the Word, the results are in God’s Hands. He does the convincing.

Comments from a Subscriber re: THE USE OF “APPEAR” AND “APPEARING”

1). Tom

Powerful study!


2). Dear Tom

Thank you so much for such a simple presentation of “appear” and “appearing.” It is so easy to