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Restoration of all things (ACTS 3:21)

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By Tom L. Ballinger
Feb 23, 2015 - 11:50:36 AM

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February 22, 2015
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Preface—Most of the facts and findings that I present in this essay are those which Carl E. Baugh, PH.D. presents in his book—“Panorama of Creation.” There were a number of Researchers who, also, contributed to the project of “The Beginning of the Creation” as found in the—“Panorama of Creation.” It was published and Copyrighted in 1989. I gained a great deal of information on God’s Creation from several visits to his museum at Glen Rose, Texas.
Dr. Baugh’s insight into a Biblical understanding and teaching of “the Firmament” and the world, before the great Flood, is remarkable. His findings, naturally, have met with intense resistance from those Christians who have something “to lose”─ money─ if the young earth scenario is generally accepted. The Christian Establishment has its Gate-Keepers who go to extreme lengths to criticize and ridicule the teachings of those who proclaim “Young Earth Truth.” However, this “new doctrine,” such as the “Doctrine of the Young  Earth,” is not “new.” It is as old as The Creation itself. I would say Truth relating to the “Firmament” (i.e., the Canopy) over a young earth was created between 4,000 years to 10,000 ago. Christian Orthodoxy has been made-up out of “whole cloth,” saying the original Creation of Genesis 1:1 was overthrown by a Satanic Flood which destroyed everything. Millions and billions of years passed, and the ruin was reconstructed, and that is what Genesis 1:2-31 describes. Christendom has tolerated the devilish theory of evolution, even making accommodation for it by adopting unscriptural ideas—such as the Gap Theory.
But, in spite of attacks, the Young Creation has gained wide acceptance. This acceptance has prompted the Gate-Keepers to pull out their long knives and go after Dr. Carl Baugh himself. I have read some of the attacks on Dr. Baugh by the Establishment’s “Long Knivers,” and their attacks “Ain’t very pretty!” I have said, before, that if they cannot destroy the doctrine—they must destroy the messenger.
Acts 3:21 affirmatively states; “Whom the heaven must receive until the times of restitution of all things, which God hath spoken by the mouth of all his holy prophets since the world began.” This was Peter’s divinely directed prophecy that “all things” will be restored during the “Day of Jesus Christ” which would include the “firmament.” Daniel 12:3 revealed that the “firmament” will be in place during the Day of Christ.
On Page 1 in the “Panorama of Creation,” Dr. Baugh stated, “More than forty scientists have participated during the last seven years in a research project at Glen Rose.”
If you know what the PAST was like, you will know what the FUTURE will be like.  The Past, in this instance, was the world that lasted 1656 years. They were the years between Creation and Noah’s Flood. The FUTURE DISPENSATION is, also. known as the Day of Jesus Christ. Christ’s Day begins with the ushering in of His Pre-Millennial Kingdom of God (2 Timothy 4:1. Titus 2:13) in which Jesus Christ assumes Dominion over the present heavens and earth.
When the Day of Christ becomes manifest, the “restitution of “ALL THINGS” BEGINS. This was the theme of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. The foremost subject of every Prophet of God was the “Restitution,” which is to say, the restoring of all things as they were during the Antediluvian Age.
A physicist, involved in the hydrogen bomb project at Laurence Livermore National Laboratories, said some of the scientists told him of experiments they had worked on in the early years of their project. They had taken elements of water and compressed them under super-cold, cryogenic circumstances, and as the elements were compressed, the oxygen turned blue. Hydrogen, however, became near-metallic in form and took on all of  the characteristics of metal. It became crystalline, transparent, fiber optic*, super- conducive, and ferromagnetic**.  All of these characteristics have tremendous implications.
            *Fiber Optic – The technique of transmitting light, images, etc., through long, thin, transparent fibers, as of glass, plastic, or the like.
            **Ferromagnetic – Physics pertaining to a substance, as iron, that can possess magnetization in the absence of an external magnetic field.
The hydrogen in the water was compressed and held in stable form because of the crystalline ice on each side, for the Bible stated that God made the firmament (raqiya), in the middle, with water above and water beneath.  Under these super-cold circumstances, where “megabars of pressure existed, hydrogen took on metallic characteristics.”
These facts were extrapolated by the team of Christian Creationists who were working on the Pre-Flood model of the Creation. They envisioned the Pre-Flood-Earth with the “firmament” consisting of compressed hydrogen on a near-metallic character, in the middle of a solid water formation about eleven miles above the earth. This configuration of the Six-Day Creation would have caused some wonderful things for the earth’s living things—vegetation, animals, and humans.
An example would be on Day Four when the sun was created; the energy of the sun upon this hydrogen would have caused a gentle pink glow. At high noon, there would have been a light pink coloration in the sky; at sunrise and sunset, there would have been a vivid pink coloration in the sky; and at midnight, there would have been a magenta pink sky (a reddish purple). In plainer words, according to the Creation Model, the sky before  Noah’s Flood was never totally dark. Pink was the predominant color of light.
The Bible refers to the “greater light” to rule the day and the “lesser light” to rule the night (Genesis 1:16). Since ancient times, the “lesser light” was considered to be the moon. The Creation researchers, headed-up by Dr. Baugh, since having light shed on the Hebrew word, “Raqiya,” and all of its implications, have, also, come to believe that the “lesser light” does not reference the moon.   But rather, it refers to the transfer of energy from the day side of the earth to the night side of the earth. The electromagnetic energy was carried along the lines of pressured, near-metallic hydrogen which was fiber optic in nature.
This would cause a twilight glow on the night side of the earth while on the day side of the earth, the “greater light” would literally rule, to wit, govern the day.
In addition to this, scientists and inquirers are finding that the most important color in the entire spectrum is pink. This color is produced by energized hydrogen. It has been found that plants grow better under pink light, and that individuals respond, in mood, to pink light. Researchers have found that when a person is affected by the right spectrum of pink light, the brain secretes norepinephrine. Norepinephrine is a natural tranquilizer and neurotransmitter. Before the Flood, man was dominated by various spectra of pink light. The tranquility of his environment offered him the ability to have his brain work at maximum efficiency. The firmament made it possible, with a gentle pink glow in various spectral forms, for the “greater light” to rule the day and the “lesser light” to rule the night. Dr. Baugh commented on this: “God made a wonderful orchestral creation, and man ultimately received the full benefit.”
Biologists have determined that the greatest plant growth is found to be grown under pink light. Further investigation has revealed that it is pink light which optimally causes the growth of cells within plants. It is no wonder that in “the fossil records” are found gigantic plants falsely-determined to be millions of years old. One example of many varieties is that of the Lepidodendrons club moss. The modern variation is the Lycopsid club moss which grows to a maximum height of sixteen inches. But, in the same variety of moss, the fossil record shows they had grown to be over one-hundred feet tall during the Pre-Flood world. The contributing factors for this enormous growth of vegetation were pink light and the energized hydrogen in the firmament giving off the pinkish glow.
The enormous size of plant-life during the Antediluvian world also accommodated the size of certain species of animal life which would include the dinosaurs. It was Day Six when animal life was created, and in order to keep the plant-life in balance, huge plant-eating creatures were required.
After the Flood, naturally, there was an immense decline in the size and abundance of plant-life. This would not have supported the various species of giant creatures (i.e., winged reptiles and giant-winged birds), and the dinosaurs for very long because of the reduction of plant-life, as well as, the reduction of air pressure in the atmosphere. None of the animals, before the Flood, were carnivorous.  The giant flying creatures depended on the heavy atmosphere (32 pounds per square inch) for their lift. Air pressure after the Flood dropped to where it is today—14.7 pounds per square inch at sea level. Airplanes rely on air speed under and across their wings to give them the lift they need to fly.
The air pressure before the flood was heavy enough to supply enough air density to maintain invisible air-pillars to keep the Canopy (raqiya) afloat. That is to say, the Canopy was suspended in space about eleven miles above the earth, and it was considered to be twenty-feet thick.
Before the Flood, the heavier air pressure would have had a greater effect on plant and animal life than it has today. The ratio of oxygen in the atmosphere would have been about thirty percent compared to twenty-one percent today. Dr. Edward F Blick, Professor of Aerodynamics and Nuclear Engineering at the University of Oklahoma, has concluded that due to the Pre-Flood atmosphere conditions, which had much more oxygen available, man could have run up to two-hundred miles without suffering fatigue. It has been discovered in hyperbaric medical chamber experiments that under these circumstances, an open wound would heal overnight. It is, therefore, understandable how man could have lived to be several hundred years old, even after Adam’s fall (the entrance of sin into the world), in this Pre-Flood world. Heavier air pressure and more oxygen in the atmosphere were not conducive to longer life.
‘There shall be no more thence an infant of days, nor an old man that hath not filled his days: for the child shall die an hundred years old; but the sinner being an hundred years old shall be accursed” (Isaiah 65:20).
Days of men, during the Day of Christ, will be as the days of a tree (Isaiah 65:22).
In the Pre-Flood environment, another factor that was in man’s favor was less radiation from the sun. The Canopy above the earth filtered most of the short-wave radiation from the sun. It is the short-wave radiation that is causing man many problems today. Ultraviolet radiation is streaming down at an alarming rate. The Environmental Protection Agency has announced that in a matter of decades, one out of every three persons will die of cancer due to ultraviolet radiation. But, before the Flood, almost all of the harmful radiation would have been filtered out by the water Canopy.
Before Noah’s Flood, the earth was encased in a perfect environment. The researchers   pointed out that the water table was energized, which fostered an abundance of fish and marine life of every size and description. The Canopy filtered out harmful ultraviolet radiation. This resulted in plant-life being in abundance and growing to enormous proportions. Another benefit was the extra oxygen in the atmosphere allowed men to grow about twenty percent larger than men are today. It was estimated by the Creation scientists that Adam and Noah were, at least, seven feet tall. The others, the hybrid giants, were even taller. So much more can be said concerning the Pre-Flood world-wide environment and the results of it. But, we will conclude the benefits available to all life forms by showing the scientific understanding of the water Canopy.
NASA had discovered in the examination of superconductive elements that when held near a magnet, the lines of force generated in the free flow of electromagnetic energy hold the dipole magnet in place, either above or below it. In other words, researchers have not been able to find a mechanism for holding up a water canopy unless that water canopy has exactly what the Biblical record describes; a superconductive metallic base. Hydrogen would be such a base under these circumstances, and with a free flow of electrons, it would support itself above the earth. The frozen water canopy would be held in place until warmer temperatures would moderate its enclosure.
A brief summary follows. The environmental evidence of the Pre-Flood world indicated it was like this: keep in mind—as it was—so shall it be during the Day of Christ because Christ Jesus will restore all things as they were during the Pre-Flood Days. The environmental evidence of the Pre-Flood world would indicate that it was like this: A superconductive Canopy of compressed hydrogen in near-metallic form was encased  above, and below, in crystalline water. The stars were shining at a distance, a startling characteristic of the Pre-Flood world. In Genesis 1:14-18, the stellar heavens are described. The stars are in color, and the biblical record states that God set the stars in the firmament.
The ancients described the firmament as a vault above the earth, and the stars were placed in this vault. This is not what the biblical record says to us.  The biblical record states, very clearly, that God “set” the stars in the firmament, much as a jeweler would enhance a diamond by placing it on a background of black velvet. The word, “set,” is taken from the Hebrew word, “nathan;” it means “to add and yield.” The stars are not physically placed in the firmament because they are a great distance away. But, as the light from the stars penetrates the firmament, there is a very strong magnetic field in the middle; it is superconductive without any resistance to the flow of electrons. On each side is an electromagnetic field, charged to a lesser degree, in the crystalline water formation. What is then presented, in a pressurized form on each side, is a photomultiplier. Each photon of light which strikes the configuration is multiplied by ten because of the interaction in the atoms. On the earth side of the Canopy, the stars were seen with ten times the photons that the light brought to the outer surface of the Canopy. Before the flood, the stars were seen by man as being about three times brighter than they are seen today. In other words, in the firmament, God set the stars, or added and yielded their dimensions in full color.
NASA has found that when a red filter is used in space, the stars appear in beautiful color. This is exciting because God put stellar bodies in space for signs, for days, for months, and for years. We understand that by observing the rotation of the earth in relation to the movement of the sun and the moon, and other heavenly bodies, we can tell times. But now, we can perceive that with the enhancement of the light, those before the flood could, by the configuration of the stars, tell time at any moment. They would not need a Rolex. They would have something far better.
Before the Flood, the inhabitants of the earth never saw total darkness. Research has indicated that the temperature would have been about seventy-two degrees Fahrenheit at night, and about seventy-eight degrees during the day.
The Creation of the Pre-Flood world was, in our understanding, paradise. The Paradise, that then was, will be restored to the world during the Day of Christ. This includes the RESTORATION OF THE PRE-FLOOD FIRMAMENT—PARADISE WILL BE RESTORED.
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