Plainer Words on... Demons

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By Tom M. Ballinger
Feb 9, 2013 - 12:25:59 PM

February 9, 2013
Dear Friends of Plainer Words:
            Forward: The following Bible Study on “Demons” was the first Plainer Words I ever wrote. That was forty-five years ago—1968. At the time, we had a fifteen minute Daily Radio Program five days a week. It was “The Present Truth Broadcast.” I taught the Program Monday through Friday, and Murry Evans conducted the sixth day on Saturday. The Saturday program was 30 minutes.
            I informed the listeners that I would be starting a bi-monthly publication titled “Plainer Words.” It would be sent to them free-of-charge; all they had to do was write and request it. The “Present Truth Broadcast” was first aired on WMOB, a 50,000 Watt A.M. station in Mobile, Alabama. The second was on KSKY in Dallas, Texas. The third radio station was out of Chicago, Illinois, and the fourth was carried on a station in Terre Haute, Indiana. This brings back fond memories of by gone days. A lot of heights have been scaled since 1968; I thank God that you have chosen to trek along with me.
            Sincerely in Christ Jesus,
            Tom L. Ballinger
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            Lancaster, Texas 75146
Plainer Words on… Demons
            If we know all the Bible says about demons, we know all there is to know about demons! A study of the Scriptures will yield much to the student concerning the operations of demoniac beings. Of course, scientists and psychologists are totally ignorant of the spiritual forces that are at work in the universe. They continually try to explain unusual and unnatural human behavior as a result of some environmental influence. They are the modern-day Sadducees who deny the resurrection, angels and spirits (Acts 28:3).
            A brief outline may guide the student into a deeper study on demons. We are making no attempt to exhaust the subject of Demonology; only to suggest to the reader that more digging into The Word will yield much more.
            1. Demons have an attraction to water (Mark 5:13; Matthew 17:15). Demons seek bodies to possess (Mark 5:12) since a body is 65% water. The body thus inhabited by a demon, then, tends to go into water.
            2. Demons have an attraction to hot wet places (Matthew 17:15). This could explain the moral condition of seaport cities such as New Orleans, Hong Kong, San Diego, Manila, Corinth, Shanghai, San Francisco, Miami, Mobile, and etc.
            3. Demons have an attraction to heights (outer space). Notice the use of the word, “lunatic,” in Matthew 17:15.  The dictionary says the word, “Lunatic,” means “moon struck” (Mark 5:13; II Kings 15:4; Isaiah 14:12-14). This could explain the drive man has to “ascend above the heights of the clouds” as did Lucifer, the son of the morning (Isaiah 14).  Demon possession can explain mankind’s preoccupation with the Lunar probe and the stars beyond.
            4. Demon possession is marked by “sadism and masochism” (Mark 5:5; I Kings 18:28) This explains torture of the saints during the inquisitions of the Dark Ages, and their subsequent murder. This explains the “Sharon Tate” case in California.
            5. Demons have an attraction for dead bodies (Mark 5:5, 13).
            6. Demon possessed people are often marked by having no certain dwelling place (Mark 5:3, 5). This could explain the current migration of population and more in particular, the “hippie movement.” The “hippie movement” seems to promote nomadic culture (if it can be called that) which is content to sleep in parks, underneath picnic tables in roadside parks, on streets, highways, and abandoned shacks and caves.
            7. Demon possession is sometimes marked by blindness and dumbness (Matthew 12:22). Cures are usually as instantaneous as conversion (Mark 5:15).
            8. Demon possession is marked by religiousness (Mark 5:7; II Timothy 3:5). Often, demon possessed people speak of Jesus Christ and sing to Him. That way, the demon can go undetected in the Christian circles that the “host” moves about in (Mark 5:15).  A recent report was given me concerning a 22 year old woman in the Mobile County, Alabama Jail who was awaiting extradition to California to stand trial in a recent, sensational California murder. The preacher who told me of this stated he, personally, dealt with her about her soul, and her profession was that she was “saved and knew it.” In the jail service conducted, the preacher said she requested that they sing, “What Can Wash Away My Sins.”
            9. Demon possession is often marked by excessive crying (Mark 5:5; Luke 8:27-28).
            10. Demon possession is always genuine schizophrenia (Mark 5:9). This explains the testimony of many that plead “temporary insanity” when charged with brutal murders. The expression used by those that say, “I don’t know what happened; something just came all over me,” can be viewed a little more objectively, now, understanding that something possibly “came all over them.”
            11.  Demon possession is marked by a desire to disrobe and to be naked (Mark 5:5; Luke 8: 27-28).  This explains the current vogue toward nakedness. The fashion editors call it the “Naked Look.” This accounts for savages in the jungle going nude; this accounts for the current trend in “civilized” U.S.A. for obsession of the exposed body. This accounts for the fixation of tattoos (Leviticus 19:28). This accounts for burlesque dancers’ nudism and the satanic drive for Sex Education (SEXCUS).
            12. Demon possession is marked by suicidal tendencies (Matthew 17:15; Mark 5:5). Notice the “falleth into the fire.” Demons seem to have an affinity for fire since their final destination is the “Lake of Fire.” This could explain the human torches, those that set themselves on fire. It could, also, explain the increasing rate of suicides in this country.
            13. Demon possession can, also, be attended by abnormal physical strength    (Mark: 5:4).This is a wild thought; the recent breakthroughs in athletic events and recorded setting of, heretofore, unheard of feats.
            14. Demon possession does not yield to love or persuasion (Mark 5:4).
            15. Demon possession is marked by the abnormal state during a seizure (Mark 9:18; Luke 9:39, 42). A close study of these passages resembles the testimony of many who have experienced what they refer to as “the baptism of the Holy Ghost.” Many say that the abnormal state that they go through during the receiving of the “spirit” is actually a choking sensation which is by a “demon spirit or spirits that rise up to battle against the Holy Spirit Who is being completely received in the Baptism of the Holy Ghost.” (This is an excerpt from a letter received by a listener [to my radio programs] ). Many initiates are instructed that in order to receive the “baptism,” completely, they should breathe in deeply and repeatedly inhale deeply in order for the “spirit” to gain entrance. Testimonies, as found in “They Speak With Other Tongues,” state that at entrance of the “spirit,” their throat tightens, and a choking sensation follows. It is suggested that a study of what accompanies a demoniac seizure, in references listed, would be beneficial.
            16. Demon possession is marked by believers departing from the faith                   (I Timothy 4:1-3). This explains the apostasy in the church. This explains false doctrine in evangelical circles.
            17. Demons are arranged in various degrees, or orders of uncleanness (Matthew 12:44-45; Luke 8:30).
            18. Demons are named (Luke 8:30).
            Much more could be said, or pointed out about spiritual forces that are arrayed in the universe and operated under the control of “the god of this world” (2 Corinthians 4:4), but we trust enough has been said to force you to THE BOOK. The Scriptures point out that much of the Lord Jesus Christ’s ministry to the circumcision had to do with combating demon possession among the nation of Israel. As the apostasy of Israel deepened, just prior to the first coming of the Lord Jesus, demonism and spiritualism also abounded.
            Likewise, at the second coming of Christ, demonism and spiritualism will be abounding as it is, today, as the professing church, itself, flounders in apostasy.
            It is interesting to notice two words, which occur in “The Revelation of Jesus Christ.” The words are “sorceries” and “sorcerers.” They are found in Revelation 9:21; 18:23; 21:8; 22:15. The Book of Revelation has to do with dispensation of judgment (Daniel’s Seventieth Week). The Dispensation of the Mystery is not in view at all. The Greek word from which “sorceries” and “sorcerers” come is “pharmakeia.” I do not know Greek but just by looking at the word, it can be noted that it is the word from which we get “pharmacy” or “apothecary.” That has to do with pharmaceuticals or drugs. I am told by others who know the Greek language that this word denotes “magical incantations induced by means of drugs.”
            If this is true, (I believe it is), then, it all fits; the rise of demon possession will be accelerated in proportion to the rise in drug addiction. The satanic forces can use the means of drugs to get individuals into a passive state, thus, making seizure of the human host easier and more complete. Increased use of drugs could appear, then, to give rise to demon possession.
Tom L. Ballinger

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